Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Comfort Food. Chicken Soup. [update]

The smell of home made Chicken Soup makes me think of my grandmother that passed away.  I miss her.  I wish she could be around to meet my kids and teach me how to cook.  There's a joke in my family about Grandma and her dishtowels. She ALWAYS had one on her shoulder.  Maybe that's from raising TEN children and being the human dishwasher for countless years. Oh yes, I said ten kids. No misprint. She is an inspiration to my cousins and I.  If any of us are having a tough parenting day we think of Grandma. What would she do or say? She never complained about anything.

For christmas my friend, the one that had never tried S'mores [see Post] had given us a basket of small presents for christmas.  Some things for the kiddos and a new set of Dishtowels for me. She found a set that had a Red Cardinal bird on them.   Cardinals were Grandma's favorite.  My friend and I had discussed one day how we feel that sometimes we get a sign from someone that has passed away.  Well Cardinals are fairly uncommon where I live and whenever I see one, well I know Grandma is paying me a visit.  Usually by weeks end, I have spoken with several other cousins and they have also gotten a little visit.  It always makes me smile! I know it sounds totally corny but having my cardinal dishtowel around usually helps me feel better about my kitchen creations.  I really loved having that little reminder of her helping me make my soup.  Plus, the smell of home made chicken soup just makes me think of her and her kitchen and all those great childhood memories. [Interject that happy note with the sad reminder that my parents divorce is STILL not final and that my girls will never have those fond memories like I did of my grandma... I hope that my girls will have kids and at least I can be THAT grandma for them. Ya know in like another 30 or 40 years! So I have some time to work on my recipes! Phew! Until then... ]

These past few weeks have been particularly stressful. Between the car accident, general life issues and my dad's divorce. Well lets just say some comfort food was really in order.  Not just the usual sweets that I crave for everyday stresses. Real, good old fashion Comfort food.  Grandma's chicken soup would definitely make everything better right now.  Since she's not around I guess I'll just have to make it myself.

In the past I've tried to make chicken soup. Never any real success. I think this one was a winner though!

I boiled up some bone in chicken with a very healthy dose of Crazy Salt. Added whatever I had left of my Texmati Rice of the Vegetable Medley variety, a few cut up baby carrots and....
*update* It was missing something the second time around. Now that I was over the initial shock of making good chicken soup. Celery Salt. Wow, oh yea. Just a pinch depending on the size of the batch but THAT was the missing ingredient!!
 TADA! Chicken Soup! Yum

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