Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dinner For Less Product Review: BC Pizza Crust

Betty Crocker Pizza Crust. Simply Add Water. [Sauce, cheese & topping] WaahLaa! Dinner for Less!

I needed a quick dinner that was CHEAP. How about $0.89!? That sounded in my price range. Plus the package said EASY and Simply.  Must Buy!

It was that kind of evening.
I had some left over tomato sauce still in the fridge along with some shredded Mozzarella. Staples of life in my house.  [We had Chicken Parm a few days earlier.]  I had also roasted a whole bunch of Crazy Salt Chicken this past week.  I took all the chicken off the bone and set it aside for various things like chicken soup, chicken salad and just plain something to pick at in the fridge that wasn't cookies.
So the appeal of an additional cost of less than a dollar to make a quick dinner, PERFECT!
The dough worked well. I've never made dough for pizza before. [Well I have, but at an actual Pizzaria. Major difference to make it at home!]
This is definitely something I'll buy again instead of a much higher priced [Boboli] premade crust. What a great way to save $6!!  Plus you can add your own spices & flavor combinations! Oh the possibilities!
I spread out the dough as far as I could, covered with our favorite 4 cheese tomato sauce, added the cheese, sprinkled on some standard 'Pizza seasoning' spice and topped off with some small pieces of Crazy Salt Chicken leftovers.
We tasted the pizza and the only thing I added was some garlic salt.  Must look into making my own Pizza Seasoning.  I'm excited to get this again and try cheddar, bbq chicken pizza or some ham and pineapple.  Pizza on a budget, who knew it could get THIS cheap?! :)
I've never done a real product review but I think I might start doing it more frequently.  Dinner For Less Product Review!

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