Saturday, March 26, 2011

E.L.Fudge; Coming soon.

So I have been working on this E.L.Fudge Cookie project.  I am still trying to create one more recipe for the big comparison. Here is an excerpt from the blog-in-progress:
     I picked up some cookies on sale, just in case I wasn't able to get any baking in the next two weeks or so.  I unpacked my groceries from the store and went about my life until I took the package out one day to have a cookie. I read this line on the package and was taken aback.  Has it been that long since I've eaten an Elven cookie, have the Elves let me down and changed their product? All these questions ran through my mind.  I decided to eat one.  They taste exactly as I remember.  What is WITH this label?
TBHQ. What is this all about. Has it been there all along? All of my childhood favorites were laden with crazy things that are unhealthy. MSG, Red dye #40, BHT, TBHQ....

I must do something about this.

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