Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rice Krispie Checkerboards

Thank You Kellogg's for The Original Treat Recipe.

Cereal was on sale at the supermarket.  Of course the sale was for the brand of cereal in which we did not neeeed 3 boxes of.  Ok so I got one box Raisin Bran, one regular Rice Krispies and one Cocoa Krispies. Oh and a coupon for a free gallon of milk. Hmm, I know there's that open bag of marshmellows hiding in the cabinet. Rice Krispies, Marshmellows & butter. Perfect use of 'in-stock' items here.

So I split the marshmello and butter after melting into two bowls.
Mmmm butter coated marshmellows. 

I sprayed the second bowl with a little cooking spray before I added the marshmellow. It made cleanup SO much easier, at least for one bowl. haha
  I mixed half with Cocoa and half with Regular Krispies.  Oh and I used the non-stick coated tinfoil to line the pan. Worth the extra few bucks to pick some up.  If not, give regular foil a quick spritz with the cooking spray (Mine is butter flavored so it won't effect the taste)
 I flipped the tinfoil over to start layering the flavors.  I was on the phone mumbling like a crazy person to Betty Crocker while doing this.  So there are no photos of the layering process. Plus I'd have to wash my hands like 150 times more. So I stayed on the phone and you'll just have to imagine.
After flipping the two flavors together I then sprayed a large knife with cooking spray and cut the layers in half and flipped over a few times along with rotating them as well. Eventually it ended up like this.

Now I let them set for a while.  Washed my hands, entertained The Toddler and Baby. Finally got anxious enough to slice and enjoy. Here are the finished treat!

 The Toddler's first Rice Krispie Treat was one of these little guys.  She's had marsmellows before but never the actual Treat.  Sadly she was not particularly excited.  She had a few bites but was way more animated to hear I had grapes for her as well.  I don't suppose I can complain, my kid would rather have a healthy snack.  I'll wait till she gets a little older before she'd rather have the RKT.

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