Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year's Eve, can you bring dessert?

We were invited to an old family friend's house for NYE.  My dessert tray at our Christmas Eve party was a hit so naturally I was on dessert duty for the festivities once again.  2010 was definitely a year of new traditions, some due to [obviously] having another baby and other traditions and regularly scheduled gatherings changing because of divorces.  Two couple's divorces really caused a rift in a formerly close nit group that effected everyone.  Especially me.  How do you choose?  Well I didn't.  Choices were made for me in some cases,  others I just tried to stick with 'the usual' scheduled holiday celebrations. That left certain divorcees to just work around me.   I'm okay with that, I mean why should I change MY agenda because of someone else's life choices... Ugh.
Okay enough of that nonsense.  Dessert.

The hostess had tried her first S'more this past fall. Yes, her first S'more and she is far past the age of ten.  A crime against humanity you might say.  Then again my best friend grew up without cartoons and was never embarrassed by her parents for a birthday having waiters sing the birthday song to her in a crowded restaurant [I fixed that immediately] Her parents are European.  Sometimes the lack of all-american childhood favorites don't surprise me entirely.
Anyhow I decided to try a new recipe for a S'more Pie, in honor of the above mentioned.  I really wanted to make a pudding pie but couldn't find a recipe that suited my fancy or I just don't own a kitchen torch.  So I created. I purchased some marshmellow fluff, cool-whip, mini Hershey bars and mini graham cracker pie crusts.  After the amazing discovery at Thanksgiving for Sweet Potato Casserole topped with Marshmellows I decided to try a similar schpiel but with Chocolate pudding. Yum. So I tested some mini pies in the oven, toasted with fluff... cooled then and added the pudding cool whip mixture. Delicious but not too pretty.  I will experiment with this again and then post a recipe worth sharing.  Everyone at NYE gobbled it regardless of it's lack of visual enticements. A recipe worth refining!

I also decided to make the hosts a 'breakfast in bed' gift.  An egg frittata with tomato, basil & mozzarella. A few slices of my Banana Bread and my sister-in-laws home made Ginger-Pear Jam with croissants.  Who wouldn't want to start the new year with breakfast like that!?
I happen to have some 'extra' ingredients and made a bunch of personal sized ones. Breakfast genius! These were perfect for 30 second re-heats in the micro.  Toddler breakfast WIN!

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