Friday, January 28, 2011

Souffle? Suuuure.

Everything on the Kraft Foods website is easy to make.  Sometimes TOO easy.  I've grown weary of some of their multiple choice dinners.  Been there, done that. I made Enchiladas darnit, from scratch darnit, with two children awake at the Witching hour [I love you Rants from Mommyland] darnit and BY MYSELF DARNIT. I was abandoned by the male species. Grumble.
Ok so I was looking for a breakfasty idea on the kraft site because I just couldn't get creative with scrambled eggs for breakfast AGAIN.  I stumbled on this recipe for Cheese Souffle.

Suuuuure, why not.  I'm hungry now. I can wait another hour to eat.  *tummy grumbles loudly*
Everything from the Kraft website is E.A.S.Y.  as long as you have an electric mixer.
I cut the recipe in half. The Monkey will have some for lunch and I only have 4 eggs left anyway. Plus it says serve immediately.  I only have myself to serve really.  I never really get hot meals these days anyhow.  What a treat!

That looks like 1/2 of a 1/3 of a cup, right??

Have I mentioned that I have NO natural light in my kitchen 98% of the day.

This is pretty easy so far. What exactly is the big 'to-do' about Souffles anyhow?

DISCLAIMER: Foul Language ahead.

Screw-you EGG WHITES.  Never again.

Oh yeah. An electric mixer. [See P.S. at bottom of post] I haven't need one yet for any of my recipes.  I just put a little extra elbow grease into it, its like EXTREME CHEF SCHOOL OF HARD KNOX. Hahahaha
Ok so I freaking made those egg whites my bitch. This ONE time. And don't you FORGET IT.

I can't say that I was particularly impressed.  I put way too much work into them and they just tasted like eggs.  Not nearly enough Cayenne to even taste and where the hell was the cheese? I used Colby Jack instead of cheddar but apparently not enough. Baaaah. Oh well. I suppose I'll call it a success due to the fact that they did in fact appear to be Souffles.  The flavor was unimpressive, I really anticipated something else I guess. I'd go look for a new recipe elsewhere but not until I get that electric mixer.

I clearly did not focus properly.

Quick get another shot before they deflate. Darn you auto-focus. Great shot of the glass bowl. 
*Shakes head in shame*

P.S.     Oh wait don't have an electric mixer.  I have a single gal's electric mixer, you know the kind of single gal that doesn't actually USE her kitchen.  Yes that was me, um I got it as a gift? um, ten years ago.  Huuuuuubs... I know what I want for my biirrrrrrrrthdaaaaaaay......

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