Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Baby Can Break-dance

She totally does. Its really funny.

Except the only part she can do is lay on her belly and lift her legs up in the air like you took a freeze frame of a break-dancer.

Yesterday nap times for both girls were relatively at the same time.  Perfect time to try out the Pumpkin Muffins from Juggling Act. Thanks Jackie, they were delicious. I'm also happy on the decision to make half. I would have eaten them ALL. YUM!
I also decided to make Enchiladas for dinner.  Thank you Pioneer Woman for making my mouth water.

Ok so my first task was to cut the Muffin recipe in half.  I'm horrible at math. Fractions are the enemy.  So I eyeballed a few things.  Over all they came out delicious so apparently I did okay.  The pumpkin mixture was very thick and I'm not sure it was supposed to be. The muffin was not as light as I anticipated and I'm not sure if maybe one of my pumpkin mixture measurements were off, so they came out really dense like a very cake-ey brownie. But pumpkin flavored!

So here's my pre-mixed pumpkin batter. All pretty and well-like. 

 Here we have the cream cheese [that of which I had sworn off of since the last batch of Espresso Cheesecake Brownies] More cream cheese? Ok well I was smart enough to half the rest of the recipe.  Somehow I neglected to do that for the cream cheese mixture.   Little did she know...  Fate that moment had intervened and thrown me a bone.  So after I threw in the egg and took some photos I realized now I had double. Craaaap. Um what am I going to do with the extra. Uhhhm well I'll figure that out later.

 I had a moment of what I thought was Genius.  Put the mixture into a plastic zip bag and 'pipe it' into the pumpkin. YES! That would be brilliant.  I mixed it up and realized it was way to runny.  Ok so maybe I'll throw it in the freezer for a few while I'm making the crumb topping.  By then it will harden up a bit and not ooze directly out of the bag. Yeah a squeak or two from the babies reminded me of my borrowed time for baking and I took it out of the freezer.  Eh, next time that'll work even better.
Ok with that all decided I got making the crumb topping.  Pretty much the same as my Apple Crumb Topping. Which I already know will be delicious.
Then I started putting the pumpkin in the muffin cups and decided that my genius plan might not work with the piping bag 'trick'.  The pumpkin batter is really thick. Ok so I'll make little wells in the batter with a spoon.  I made it through one and a half cupcakes before The Explosion.

Ok so I'll take that 'bone' that I got thrown and be happy I made extra cream cheese filling since most of it landed on the counter and the floor.  I didn't need that half opened cream cheese in my fridge calling for bagels every time I opened the fridge anyway.  So here's the crumb topping, pre explosion.

Everything about this just looks so YUMMY!

I need to start my new hobby. Cutting every recipe for snacks I see, in HALF. I will eat fresh baked goods until they are gone. Hubs lets them linger. I don't wait for dessert.  Dessert in my house is meant to be consumed immediately or suffer consequences of not getting any.
 ONE DAY my counter will be baby bottle free. ONE DAY....

There were no Enchilada photos. Pops & Hubs abandoned me for new TV shopping. I was on my own for dinner prep and non-sleeping children. It's a damn good thing those Enchiladas were worth it.  Making my sauce from scratch AHEAD of time for the next batch. Thanks again to Pioneer Woman for the mouth watering photos and recipe. Also thanks Emeril for the sauce. Those were a lot of work. Especially since I added ground beef to the process. Double batch next time and freeze it!!


  1. try using a turkey baster for injection...itll help lessen the chance of an explosion. Im glad I just ate my lunch because looking at your pictures wouldve made me starve!

  2. Good call, thanks! I think the major trauma was that I purchased cheap-o zipper bags instead of the old faithful Zip-loc. Lesson learned!
    Glad you enjoy the pics!