Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Recipe FAIL.

I'm not sure if I should stick to dessert or I just picked a terrible recipe.  Veggie Chicken Nuggets. A-W-E-F-U-L.  Here I thought a basic toddler dinner quick fix, the almighty Chicken nugget with built in veg!  What could go wrong with chicken, mixed veggies, egg & bread crumbs? Like a chicken meat loaf but cut into cute little finger food size!
 First of all these are every day items that I know my toddler will eat.  Second, I know I will eat them if she doesn't.   So I had to deviate from the 'recipe' but substituting Italian Bread crumbs for Pankow was far from a deal breaker.  Add an egg to some pureed veg, add chicken, some seasoning and coat in bread crumbs.  What could go wrong?  Oh yeah, everything.
The batter was no where near what you could pick up and coat with b.c. nor after coated could they be cut into happy little stars with a big cookie cutter.  Whom ever staged the photos in the recipe I found is a pretty damn good photographer.  I AM a photographer and no way would I be able to make this process work for a photograph.  I settled for some generic shaped blobs.
Ok lets bake them and see.  Baked? I think so? Still mushy, ok another few minutes in.  Ok its been longer than I'd cook a regular chicken breast, it MUST be done.  Bricks. Oddly speckled chicken veggie bricks.  Okaaaay but how do they taste? Horrific. How is it that a standard meal that I make (Breaded chicken breast and a side of mixed veggies) could taste so utterly terrible??
Maybe I'll just go back to dessert.  Has anyone seen my Tums?

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