Sunday, December 26, 2010

Three Days of Christmas

On the first night of Christmas Eve we visited friends,  opened presents and ate food.  On the second day that was actually Christmas we had over family,  ate food and opened presents. On the second day of Christmas afternoon we visited family, ate food and got 'The Envelopes' full of money.  On the second day of Christmas evening we had over more family, more presents and Chinese food!  On the third day of Christmas, family came to us, I made food and the girls got MORE presents. On the fourth day of Christmas we have leftovers and I actually must start doing laundry again.  Oh wait, Hubs found more presents.  In two weeks we'll have the 5th day of Christmas at Auntie L's, see more family, eat more food and most likely get MORE presents.
Somehow being broke still means my kids got a lot of presents.  How does that work??
Bacon Egg & Cheese Toastys
I adapted my creation from a blog that inspired me The Way the Cookie Crumbles.  Find recipe here.  I of course am not a fan of the runny egg.  I scrambled mine and used 1/2 an egg for each cup 7 total (plus one for good measure. My muffin tin fits 12.) Seasoned them with my new seasoning love "Crazy Salt" and some whole milk. Baked them until they appeared to be done, turned the oven off, topped off with some shredded cheese then back in the oven till company arrived.
Having a toddler  around means remembering to buy two types of milk and who remembers to do that? Neither Hubs nor I.  I think we decided 2 weeks into her Whole Milk switch that we'd sacrifice our 2% for now. Now I'm remembering how I gained my baby weight back.

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