Friday, August 12, 2011

Pink Lady Cake

Pink Lady Cake. Tinkerbell Style!

The batter starts out very colorful and fades fast as you blend and eventually burn out your handheld $20 mixer.  A trip to Target later for a replacement = cupcakes WITH icing. Not sad un-iced pink cake that looks lonely and naked.

Once again Smitten Kitchen has offered up another no-fail recipe! Thanks!

I am so behind on posts and recipes that nothing I DO post in August is likely to be in order that I baked.  Ah well, anything will be better than my July hiatus. July sucked. Nothing new or exciting was made. It was hot. My air-conditioning broke. End of story. I lied, the carrot cake was made in July as was yet another batch of Car Bomb Cupcakes.
The Toddler wanted Tinkerbell for her birthday. Here it is, in cake form. You really can't get much closer than this. Strawberry cake with Creamcheese Frosting and sprinkles. I offer up a challenge to anyone that can better represent a little fairy that everyone loves, no matter what age or gender.
I can honestly say that I did not alter Smitten Kitchen's recipe at all. I mean,  you just don't need to. It's perfect!  Ok so I made a mini cake and cupcakes instead of a full on Layer-Cake. But that is a far cry from alteration. So here are a few photos of the finished product. Mind the terrific flourescent lighting, cell phone photo of the final presentation. I totally forgot to bring the camera with me to the party!

Sprinles make everything better!!

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