Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cajun Chicken & Pasta

Who doesn't love a good bowl full of carbs?  Even better when the recipe comes from Pioneer Woman. Her recipes are always decadent and delicious. This is no exception.  Next time I make it, I won't fudge the ingredients as much. But even  doing that it was an awesome dinner and lunch the next day!

So I was searching the web for a chicken dinner. You know, something I have not actually made already. We eat a LOT of chicken.  So that was tough. Minimum ingredients, nothing I have to go run to the store specially to purchase that we don't already eat.  I came across this!  Ooooh I even have pre-made Cajun spice from way back. You can find the recipe in January.  I do believe it is pretty awesome, although since we have been eating so much freshly made food the salt content was a little higher than I remembered.  I think my taste buds are just realizing how to taste ingredients and not just salted, preserved or over-salted food from a package or 'chain' restaurant. So I might cut back the salt next time I make the Cajun Spice, just a pinch or two.  Hubs enjoyed it as well. Except for the onions. But then again I'm still training him to eat veggies in his food when you can see and taste them!  I'm so proud of him for trying everything I make. Not as many duds.  He's even lost weight! YAY! (at least one of us is loosing the baby-weight!)  But only one of us has an Aunt that says, here's my springform pan and the ingredients for a cheesecake. Bake me one!  TWIST my arm!

So back to dinner. Delicious, yummy, just the right amount of kick- spice filled dinner!
I'm not going to repost the recipe since what I did was a ghetto version.  But here is the link to Pioneer Woman's Cajun Chicken Pasta.

First I cut up in equal parts tomato, red pepper, green pepper and a sweet onion instead of red.  I didn't get a photo of the onion since onion hands + camera = smelly onion camera. Eww.

 I also chopped up a few small cloves of garlic and about a pound or so of cut up chicken pieces. Generously sprinkled them with Cajun spice, tossed around and repeated the sprinkling.

Here's where things went slightly off.  First of all I don't own a cast iron skillet.  Non-stick pans don't exactly lend themselves to burning things, even purposefully.  Plus I added too much olive oil.  Not exactly precision.

  Same with the veg. Next time, less olive oil for more possible 'burning' potential.

I didn't have the wine, so I just added more chicken stock. And I also only had half & half and no cream. Um yeah. I had to omit some of the liquid, ok a lot of the liquid. But it still tasted awesome.

Mmm yummy veg all covered in olive oil and butter.

The sauce after I took out at least a cup of the stuff to get it to boil down, with all of the yummy bits in it.

The outcome, delish!  Even with all my faux-ingredients...


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